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One Night in Bangalor

And now something from the 1982 Bollywood camp classic Disco Dancer, which I’m currently wading through on DVD. In a scene that plays like an overlong Solid Gold number with way too much silvery fabric, dancers writhe to a blatant ripoff of the Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star.” No further explanation is needed. Bang bang!

2 Thoughts on “One Night in Bangalor

  1. Wo ho ho! Fantastic! Though I think the Buggles would be rolling over in their graves. In addition to those mesmerizing dance moves, I love the sepia-toned shots of the audience, which looks like it was filmed about 15 years earlier. On another subject, I’m in the process of composing an e-mail to you, but I doubt it will have the entertainment value of this clip :(

  2. This movie has several numbers with those strange, disconnected audience shots, Ion. Looking forward to your email!

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