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Weekly Mishmash: November 16-22

Bully: Scholarship Edition. I’ve rented and enjoyed this game before, but as an anniversary gift from Christopher it got added to the Wii library this week. Gamers play teenaged Jimmy Hopkins, a little hellion who gets sent to a dismal private school by his uncaring mom. As the school year proceeds, you help Jimmy advance in his classes, beat up the meanies, kiss the girls (and some of the guys, too), and perform various tasks for money, new clothes, better weapons and other stuff. I’m a particular fan of these unstructured “explore” games, and with that in mind Bully is one of my favorites. Try sending Jimmy to school wearing only a wife beater and tighty whities, heh.
Belinda Carlisle — Heaven On Earth. The kind of album that I wouldn’t pay five bucks for, but for 99 cents bring it on! This slick el-lay pop wasn’t the kind of stuff I was into back in ’87, but now it plays like cheesy but impeccably produced fun. Belinda can sing the heck out of even the most mediocre of songs. Circle in the sand, round and round …
Children of Paradise (1945). One of those films that is regarded as a masterpiece, year in and year out. The layman’s description of this as a French Gone With The Wind is surprisingly accurate — like GWTW, it deals with human relations on a grand scale, with a huge cast of characters and a sweeping milieu. Instead of the Civil War, what we have is a troupe of 1830s French theatrical performers whose distinctly fatalistic point of view mirror that of the 1940s French. I found it fascinating and lovely, but the extreme length and frou-frou flavor were like nails on a chalkboard for the s.o. Personally, just watching the subtle expressions on actor Jean-Louis Barrault’s face was enough for me.
Simpsons Season 9 DVD SetThe Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season. Although I swore I’d stop buying the Simpsons DVDs after season 8 (heck, I swore to stop at season 7), I couldn’t resist when a used copy popped up at a good price on a recent shopping trip. This season contains a handful of still hilarious episodes, but it’s clear that 1997-98 was the year the show downshifted from classic sitcom to pedestrian Fox franchise. The revelation that Skinner was a fake in The Principal and the Pauper signaled a harbinger for the show’s current, desperate form — and listening to the ultra-smug commentary for that episode makes it clear that the writers have their collective heads up their own asses. On a different note: I absolutely love the package design on this volume, with each DVD designed to look like a cheeky vintage record label. Real classy.
Something To Sing About (1937). This fluffy and forgettable low budget musical would have vanished into thin air were it not for the magnetic James Cagney in the lead. As a bandleader turned movie star, he’s a joy to watch. Because he didn’t get to do many of the musicals he so craved, Cagney tears into this role with invigorating gusto. As for the rest, from shrill and boring Evelyn Daw as Cagney’s wife to a strange little shipboard catfight scene … well, it made for a pleasant diversion while attempting to wake up last weekend.
The Young In Heart (1938). I think it’s pretty cool that Turner Classic Movies did a prime time night dedicated to Janet Gaynor last week, don’t you? This one, a lush David O. Selznick production, served as Miss Gaynor’s last starring role before going into an early retirement. This is more accurately an ensemble piece, with attractive cast making up for the film’s ho-hum script. Gaynor plays the daughter in a family of con artists headed by Roland Young and the priceless Billie Burke as the parents and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as the brother. Salty Paulette Goddard and a gorgeous young Richard Carlson play love interests; stage actress Minnie Dupree is really good as the family’s victim, Miss Fortune. That cast and the wonderful production design by William Cameron Menzies almost make up for the predictable to the extreme story. Love that streamline moderne car.

One Thought on “Weekly Mishmash: November 16-22

  1. season nine of the simpsons is where i stopped watching since i came to taiwan. i think i’ve only seen one episode since that time until now. i’m surprised you even bothered to listen to the commentary. just about every one i’ve tried to listen to has been pretty terrible. the exception being for “homer sexual” but it’s hard to go wrong with john waters doing commentary.

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