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New Day

Wow, history in the making. Arianna Huffington’s election postmortem sums up how I feel right now. Elated, relieved, full of pride yet cautiously optimistic. Watching Obama’s victory speech last night was a truly moving experience. Very inclusive, but what impressed me most was his acknowledgment that it takes work — on everyone’s part — to have effective and long lasting change for the better. As it ended, I heard Christopher say with a choke in his voice that Michelle will make a great First Lady. He had tears in his eyes. That made up for the small disappointments on the Arizona side that our electoral college unsurprisingly picked McCain (albeit by a smallish margin), and the discriminatory Prop 102 passed.

So now what? I think I’m just gonna relax and follow some of Slate’s suggestions on how to kill time now that the election’s over.

One Thought on “New Day

  1. Well…I can’t say that I feel like the passage of 102 was a small disappointment – but I agree with the rest. I do have hope though, hope and determination. It’s far from over.

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