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Let’s Hear It for Generic Scientist Guy

About the nifty sculpture below: we drive by this all the time. It’s located in downtown Phoenix’s Encanto Park, surrounded by a grove of Italian cypresses that threaten to grow over the poor guy. It always fascinated me, but I’ve never actually gone out to look at it up close until now. Although it was erected in 1957, the simplified man in the laboratory coat has more of an optimistic ’30s feel. Very appealing.

The inscription on the base reads” “World Progress Through Scientific Research In The Laboratory. Designed in fulfillment of the wishes of the donor and given to the city of Phoenix by Helen B. Rogers, 1957. Charles Badger Martin, sculptor.” I haven’t been able to find much info on either Rogers or Martin.

Charles Badger Martin Sculpture

4 Thoughts on “Let’s Hear It for Generic Scientist Guy

  1. Charles B. Martin

    i never met Charles, but knew his family well. Their home in Phoenix was his design and very creative, although in what still is a bad neighborhood.

    I’m sure his wife has passed on since then. She was a loving person struggling to make ends meet. His daughter, Ruth (aka Aurora), took over his sculpture business and duplicated her father’s art pieces with more detail, in my opinion, than her father’s workd ever showed. Martin, the elder son, went off to San Francisco and Susie, took care of her mom in Sedona, where Ruth also moved to. I miss all of them, Ernest McIntyre

  2. Thanks for the info, Ernest! I wonder if that home is still standing.

  3. Zach Martin on April 27, 2015 at 11:20 am said:

    Hey just found this post one day browsing. I’m Charles’ grandson Charles Zach Martin (The third I guess). My Father is who Ernest refers to above as Martin, but his name is actually Ross Charles. he and his two sisters all live in Sedona now and are pretty much retired. His other brother lives in Europe.

    I came to Arizona to visit a few years ago and their childhood home still stands on the west side of phoenix in what now seems to be a poorer hispanic neighborhood. This post is very old now but It’s still interesting to me to research my family heritage!

  4. That’s wonderful, Zach – thank you for visiting and providing some background on this statue!

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