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Young, Gifted & Baroque

It’s finally done! The Autumn mix, Young Gifted & Baroque, grew out of my fascination with Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade music. As even Disney neophytes know, the parade’s twinkly theme was appropriated from “Baroque Hoedown” — a song composed by French electronica pioneers Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley for their 1967 LP Kaleidoscopic Vibrations. Ten years later, musicians Don Dorsey and Jack Wagner lengthened the song and incorporated (rather ingeniously, I think) melodies from classic Disney films to create an unforgettable soundtrack. According to the song’s Wikipedia entry, Jean-Jacques Perrey didn’t even know Disney was using his song until he chanced upon the parade during a 1980 visit to Disneyland!

This mix contains Perrey & Kingsley’s original and a bunch of other goodies. It culminates with an official 2001 remix of the Main Street Electrical Parade theme with campy voice-overs from Alice In Wonderland‘s Alice and Pete’s Dragon‘s Pete. Other versions include They Might Be Giants’ frenetic cover, a delicate rendition by harpsichordist Sumina Arihashi, a dance remix by Konishi Yashiharu and Pizzicato Five, and an orchestral arrangement used as mood music in the Disney theme parks. I’ve also filled out the mix with various tunes I dig that have a funky “amusement park” vibe (please note: the mix is one long 72-minute mp3 file with the songs slightly blending into each other). Enjoy.

Download ‘Young, Gifted & Baroque: Autumn 2008 Mix’

Young Gifted & Baroque - front

Young Gifted & Baroque - track listing

4 Thoughts on “Young, Gifted & Baroque

  1. I can’t believe you’ve provided me with the Hugo Montenegro version of “MacArthur Park” that I remember from an 8-track my dad had, called “Moog Power”. I think it came with one of his Buicks.

  2. Cool!

    Go to my Weekly Mishmash Oct 12-18 post and you’ll find a link to download the whole album. It’s excellent.

  3. I LOVE this mix…very evocative, and a great listen while I was working…need to listen again and again.

  4. Thanks. Somehow I managed to miss Oct 12-18. I think it was a bad weekend.

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