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Soda Review: Rat Bastard Root Beer

Rat Bastard Root BeerRat Bastard root beer is produced by an L.A. company who owns the dead url of Scared yet? I haven’t even gotten to how they put the slogan “Don’t be a dick. Drink it.” on the cap. Truth be told, sipping on this is a mighty odd experience — at first the soda comes off with a typical and pleasantly sweet taste similar to Barq’s. After a few seconds, however, a deep and lingering flavor more reminiscent of herbal tea kicks in. A look at the label reveals it contains a special herbal blend consisting of three varieties of ginseng, clove, dong quai, ginko biloba and a bunch of other weedy sounding things I’d never heard of. The herbs give it an appealing, sophisticated taste — unexpected, given the bottle’s “sk8tr boi” label design. The guy working at Pop The Soda Shop told us that this is their best selling root beer, and I can understand why.

Rat Bastard Root Beer

One Thought on “Soda Review: Rat Bastard Root Beer

  1. I wonder if this really does taste good. I love root beer so I imagine this taste good specially if there is an after taste of tea, because I love tea too.

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