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Friday Miscellany

Kind of a dull week, huh? I uploaded the Viewmaster pics and created a new Two Bunnies and a Duck solely for the one person who was looking forward to it. And designed lots of manga comics for Viz. That’s about it. We’re getting ready to go on a trip to an undisclosed locale this weekend. This meant boarding our cat Eero, who responds to unfamiliar situations by burrowing under towels and shirts in her pet taxi. She’s a feisty kitty, always nipping at us and running around the house excitedly — but on the other hand she’s also a skittish thing who jumps at the slightest noise. I hope she’s okay. (p.s. Weekly Mishmash might now show up ’til later.)

I just stumbled across Cranky Lesbian today and feel like I have a blogging kindred spirit. Apparently Ms. Cranky and myself have 22 books in common in our LibraryThing libraries, which is the third highest out of everybody on that site. Yeah, those 22 books are soooo gay …

What else … how about some more Motown funkiness with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas performing “Bless You” on Soul Train? The ebullient, Jackson 5-esque “Bless You” marks the trio’s final hit single before the ladies hung up their wigs up for good in 1972. I love the energy of the Vandellas (l-r: the gorgeous Sandra Tilley and Martha’s sister Lois), along with their stylin’ afros. But what was Martha thinking with that huge hair? Dig:

4 Thoughts on “Friday Miscellany

  1. Christopher on September 26, 2008 at 8:21 pm said:

    Yes, and I LOVE “Two Bunnies and a Duck”! It’s so nice having a cartoonist in the family!

  2. how do you find out what books you have in common with someone else on library thing? i keep looking, but can’t seem to find it.

  3. William – When signed in to LibraryThing, 4 or 5 books you have in common with another member are listed on the right side of their profile page. Click “See all works” for a page listing all of them.

  4. ah, thanks. i see it now.

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