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The Naugahyde Nauga

NaugaA short history of the Nauga, the Naugahyde Council’s very ’60s mascot (via Coudal). Really interesting and unusual ad campaign, and 40 years on the company still uses the character (!). The Nauga used to look like something from Yellow Submarine to me, but now I see it has more of an Uglydolls appearance that seems ahead of its time.

2 Thoughts on “The Naugahyde Nauga

  1. Terry Anderson on September 17, 2008 at 12:11 pm said:

    Hey Matt,
    Terry here from ET. I like the Uglydoll link. David and Sun Min are friends of mine. I love their stuff. Their story is so great.
    Did you see the piece we did on George and Brad’s wedding? I’m sorry I forgot to give you the heads-up, but I think you can find the coverage at
    Hope all is well with your own wedded bliss.

  2. cool. to me it looks like some little extra out of one of those rankin and bass tv specials. now that i think about it, it reminds me of the abominable snowman from the rudolph special.

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