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Get Back, Loretta

For myself, a memorable Muppet Show moment came when Loretta Lynn sang “One’s On The Way” to a bunch of screaming babies. According to the invaluable Muppet Wiki, this was the first of several appearances for The Babies over the course of the show’s third through fifth seasons.
p.s. We’ve been watching the Season Three DVD set lately. I think it’s the best yet, tightly paced and full of muppety goodness; C. finds it the worst.

2 Thoughts on “Get Back, Loretta

  1. Jim Henson and his crew were incredibly creative and talented. The Muppet show was one of the best things Henson and friends did. I was sad when the later attempt at the show wasn’t as goo. Part of the fun was the huge (looking) backstage and onstage sets that made the whole thing really feel like it was taking place in an old theater.

  2. I never saw Muppets Tonight!, but the fact that variety is a dead medium in TV led to its short life.

    Speaking of the muppets, check out this awesome prize-winning cake. (found on Typefiend’s LiveJournal)

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