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Comp DOA

Two nights ago, I had a little computer situation. The screen on my six year-old iMac went black, just like that.

Granted, it wasn’t completely black. I could still see a very faint impression of windows on a desktop. With some research, we found out that the bulb on the Mac’s LED screen burnt out. The rest of the computer was okay, but since the monitor is attached we had to find a way of fixing it. Turns out this problem is fairly common, but the methods of fixing it are neither easy nor cheap. While trying to figure out how to proceed, I set out to save as much data on as many writeable DVDs as I could. This involved shining a halogen lamp directly at the screen and trying hard not to lose the cursor in the murk on the screen.

Old Computer Data Transfer

Since the old iMac was getting to be a painfully slow dinosaur anyhow, we decided to truck out to Best Buy and get one of the new iMacs. These things are huge. The smallest, 20″ model just barely fits in the hole on my computer desk. To insert disks in the side, I have to drag the thing out of its cubbyhole. That aside, it’s a gorgeous and speedy machine and I’m so glad to have it. No longer will I have to endure the “rainbow pinwheel of death” just to load a web page or something. In the meantime I have to go through the laborious process of reinstalling software, fonts and (the worst part) configuring my email. I haven’t even started on rebuilding my iTunes music library. It’s going to be a long weekend.

6 Thoughts on “Comp DOA

  1. If this ever happens again, I wonder if you could use some kind of night-vision goggle deal to see the screen while you’re trying to back stuff up.

    I have a laptop, and I live in fear of the monitor going bad. That happened many times with my old desktop and it was just a $40 fix to get a new monitor, but a laptop is a much more expensive proposition.

  2. I feel your pain! I need to get myself a new system because i know my old desktop is dying. Sooner than later, I think…

    Was your itunes synced to an ipod? You can just go backwards from the ipod into the new mac if so…that’s how I duplicated itunes onto the laptop.

    Good luck!

  3. Congratuations on your new baby, though you probably wish that it entered your world under better circumstances. You have your work cut out for you as far as transfering your data. Hey, isn’t that a copy of Barbie Sings! next to that Diet Coke? What taste!

  4. I’m glad you got things fixed. My own computer is painfully slow at times – more Win-XP bloat than anything else. I should probably reaload everything, but I’m just tired of doing that.

    Hopefully in 2009 I’ll be getting a new comp and ditching this rather old but faithful dog.

  5. Monkey David on September 13, 2008 at 12:44 pm said:

    Weren’t you able to connect the old iMac to the new one (with a Firewire cable) and use Apple’s snazzy transfer tool? I did that, and it worked great–all e-mail, iTunes, etc transferred right over…

  6. I thought about that, but in the end I just went with loading everything off backed-up discs. More time-consuming, but that’s okay.

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