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Big Fat Link Log 3

Clown SketchWe’re nearing the end August. Do you know what that means? Sticky thighs and melting ice cream? Yeah, that — and it’s also time for an update to the annual list of the weblogs I’ve been reading. It just keeps growing and growing, which is another reason why I prefer to keep this thing on a single entry as opposed to taking up lots of room on a sidebar. The starred new additions are not exactly new (even for me), but they are some of the weblogs that have caught my eye over the past year or so. To them and all the other hard-working bloggers on this list, thank you.

2719 Hyperion | * A Child Of Atom | A Joshua Tree In Every Pot | A List Of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago | A Sampler of Things | ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog | A.V. Club Blogs | * The Avant Garde Retard | Awful Plastic Surgery | Back of the Cereal Box | Bibi’s Box | The Blackwing Diaries | Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine | Boing Boing | Bob Sassone | Book Covers Blog | * The Book Design Review | Booksteve’s Library | * Boom Pop! | Bostworld | Bradlands Must See HTTP:// | Brand New | Branded in the ’80s | Cardhouse | Cartoon Brew | * Cartoon Curio | * Cinebeats | * clydefro | Coudal Partners | Crack Skull Bob | Davelandblog | Design Observer | Designing Magazines | * Discover A World Of Sounds | The Disney Blog | Disney History | Drawn! | Dynagirl | * e=mcbrennan | Ephemera | * Evan Dorkin | Eye of the Goof | | * | Fimoculous | Folded Space | Friday Fishwrap | Gatotchy’s Blog | Ghost In The Machine | – The BLOG!!! | gmtPlus9 | * Grain Edit | | Hacking NetFlix | Hit or Miss | The Hits Just Keep on Comin’ | i like | In Black And White | * Ironic Sans | Irregular Orbit | Jinjur | Just Ask Christopher | * Kevin Kidney | | Lady Bunny Blog | Lileks The Bleat | Little Yellow Different | Lots of Co. | Malls of America | * Mark Simonson | Martin Klasch | Mimi Smartypants | mod*mom | * My So-Called Strife | Neato Coolville | News From Me | * Nintendo Wii Fanboy | The Other Andrew | Other Stream | Passport to Dreams Old & New | Patrick’s Journal | PCL LinkDump | Pop Culture Gadabout | Pop Culture Junk Mail | * Pop Culture Petri Dish | Posterwire | Push. Click. Touch. | Quiddity | * Randomopolis | RaShOmoN | Re-Imagineering | Robot Action Boy | Robot Johnny | * Secret Fun Blog | Self-Styled Siren | Snarky Malarkey | Something Old, Nothing New | Sore Eyes | Swapatorium | * swissmiss | * tikiranch | things magazine | This Justin | Thrilling Days of Yesteryear | Tim Lucas Video WatchBlog | The Tin Man | Tiny Pineapple | Today’s Inspiration | Tom the Dog’s You Know What I Like? | | TV Guidance | * Ultra Swank | Ultrasparky | UnBeige | Veer: The Skinny | Vince Keenan | Ward-O-Matic | | Web Goddess | WFMU’s Beware of the Blog | Wiley Wiggins | * The World Of Kane | | * Your Souvenir Guide

8 Thoughts on “Big Fat Link Log 3

  1. thank you so much for including me in this incredible company of awesome bloggers! you’re the best! i feel like i’ve won an award. a scrubble!!! thank you :)

  2. As she said. ;) And thanks for the list, half of them are unknown to me. But not for long. Cheers!

  3. Awww, thank you so much for including my blog in such a great list! :)

    I should go back to blogging to deserve being part of it.

  4. Bibi, did you bail out on your weblog? Your last post was three months ago. Say it isn’t so!

    Thanks so much, mod*mom and P-E Fronning.

  5. Thanks for the link, and for the stuff you do over here. I almost always find something interesting when I visit.

    The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

  6. i always look forward to when you do this. i’m always learning about new and interesting blogs from you. and i’m happy to see i still make the cut!

  7. Dimestore Lipstick on September 5, 2008 at 9:46 am said:

    Swapitorium is closing.

  8. I’m having problems with myself I must say. A mix of depression / anger/ not time/ keeping busy with other internet stuff/ and I made a surgery two weeks ago (gall bladder, very simple) and the last thing I want to do is blogging when I’m not feeling fine. I don’t want to share any bad feelings. I’m trying to find some help to solve some of those problems

    But there is hope. I keep saving stuff from blog (with the links) to post later and I didn’t stop reading them. Check my links or images saved at or

    Take care!

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