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Puppet Organization

What’s happening today? Gay and lesbian couples got married in California and the world didn’t stop turning. Cyd Charisse died. After a week of knob turning and button pushing, I’m still trying to figure out Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

What else? I’m bored. How about amusing ourselves with the opening credits from Madame’s Place? This was a fitfully funny sitcom starring a scary marionette and the bustier of the Landers sisters. Cory Feldman was also in it, but I don’t remember him as the kid next door:

3 Thoughts on “Puppet Organization

  1. I remember Susan Tolsky well. She was Biddie on Here Come the Brides.

  2. I’ve kind of given up on SSB Brawl–I am just too uncoordinated. I’m all Mario Kart, all the time now.

    I used to watch Madame’s Place when I was a kid–it was syndicated, right? I remember it would come on at really weird/late times. I would just scream with laughter at it…another one of those “when I knew” moments, I guess. :-)

  3. You’re right, Max, my local NBC affiliate used to show Madame’s Place in the slot between Johnny Carson and David Letterman. All the gay kiddies loved it (in my household anyway!).

    This morning I made it through the first SSB set of challenges with two characters – Winged Boy and Purple Hair Dude With Sword (don’t remember their names). Yay.

    Ivan, I know I’ve seen Susan Tolsky in another sitcom. She looks a lot like Barbara Barrie …

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