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Asian Images on TCM

Anna May WongWe’re gonna be keeping the TiVo busy during the month of June for Turner Classic Movies’ Asian Images In Film. This 35-film festival encompasses both Asian films and Hollywoodized treatments of Asian life (such as Kate Hepburn’s slanty-eyed attempt at playing a Chinese peasant in 1944’s Dragon Seed). The highlight for me is a full night of Anna May Wong films on the 5th, including a new documentary on her life and career. I’m also looking forward to Sunday night’s showing of The Peach Girl (not part of the fest proper), a 1931 silent starring the tragic Chinese actress Lingyu Ruan. I wish TCM could have also included Maggie Cheung playing Ruan in 1992’s Centre Stage, but one can’t be too picky with the generous offerings in store.

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