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Muchos Gracias, Señor

Olé! Kevin Kidney writes on the Frito Kid, the saucer-eyed snack food mascot who long ago took residence at Disneyland’s Casa De Fritos restaurant. He shares a lot of fantastic old images in the post, but do they include the rare and valuable (in my mind) Frito Kid matchbook?

Frito Kid Matchbook Cover

By the way, if anyone has the “Frito Kid and Klondike” track to share, I would sooo love it. This was once available on via the Disneyland Forever make-your-own-CD kiosks — but I missed out on it, dang it!

2 Thoughts on “Muchos Gracias, Señor

  1. Hey Matt,

    Great post and I’m so flattered you mentioned my blog!
    Don’t you love that the Casa De Fritos gave out their own matchbooks, too? Junk food and smoking…The fifties must have been so wonderful!

    I have the Frito Kid soundtrack around here somewhere. I’ll send you an MP3 asap!


  2. Thanks so much, Kevin!

    I can just picture the parents puffing away while the kids munched on Frito pies …

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