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Goodbye, Robert

I was saddened to hear of the death of artist Robert Rauschenberg at age 82 (thanks to Christopher for the link). His work was way ahead of its time; consuming the internet and absorbing the collage of words and images on the web can be closely compared with what his combine prints and paintings were going for. And, of course, he and Jasper Johns were involved in what may have been the coolest gay partnership of the mid-20th century. I remember first hearing about that in a late-’80s interview with Johns and being taken off guard — I had no idea those two were gay, much less involved!

One Thought on “Goodbye, Robert

  1. thanks for posting about this. i hadn’t even heard that he had passed away. i had no idea that he was gay or that him and jasper johns were involved! i can’t imagine a lot of the work he did being produced today(the copyright police would be all over it).

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