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WDW Day Three: The Magic Kingdom Pt. 2

Having checked out almost all of the left side of the Magic Kingdom, we decided to take the train from Frontierland to get to the other side of the park. Unfortunately I was in Disneyland mode and thought there would be a train stop in Tomorrowland. Oops. We ended up departing the train at the Main Street stop and walking back to Tomorrowland, but that was okay. First stop was the Carousel of Progress. I cannot believe they still have this thing running — it was first unveiled at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, for Pete’s sake! WDW presents it as a golden oldie and they take pains to stress how much Walt Disney loved the attraction. All this buttering up didn’t seem to affect the audience I saw it with; the four teenage girls in front of us thought it was a joke, and there was even a rude woman yakking on a cell phone behind us. Despite those distractions, I found it utterly charming. So what if the audio-animatronics were more creepy than anything else, and the final scene (supposedly set in the present day) had an distinct mid-1990s look. It was kitschy and cool at the same time.

After this we took a cruise through the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Another ride much beloved by hardcore WDW fans, this ride is very similar to the old and lamentably gone Peoplemover in Disneyland. The main difference might be that these cars move a lot faster than the leisurely Peoplemover ever did. I had so much fun, and surprisingly the ride gives guests a glimpse at the “City of Tomorrow” model which was originally placed at the end of the Carousel of Progress. On the whole, the ride was a refreshing respite from what was getting to be a hot and humid day.

It was getting later in the afternoon, but too early for our 4:00 meal reservations, so we decided to hang around Main Street until the parade started. I got to break away from the parents (for the only time during the trip), milling about and taking pictures of the buildings. From the outside, this area looks nice, but the insides are full of shops that sell pretty much the same stuff. I went into a section with a gallery sign next to the door, hoping to find something nice. Inside was a bunch of Princess crap. Strangely, the left side of Main Street as you’re looking at the castle is one, long shop. I was able to find a nice, overpriced polo shirt with an appliqué Mickey on it. I caught up with my parents as they were waiting for the Disney Dreams Come True parade. I was expecting corniness galore, but as the parade went by I looked in wonder at the way the costume characters interacted with the kids sitting on either side of me. The performers were complete pros, hard working and cheerful in the hot sun, and they had the children completely enthralled.

After the parade wound up, we had a pleasant yet uneventful lunch/dinner at the Plaza Restaurant, located at the end of Main Street’s right side. We got seated in an octagon-shaped room just off the main dining area, a neat little area with lousy acoustics. It was hard to carry on a conversation with two loud families also in the room, but luckily they left quickly and I was able to enjoy a vanilla shake dessert in relative quiet. After the meal was over, we chatted with our server about working at WDW’s restaurants — 12-hour shifts, no-shows, etc. It was really interesting.

Once the meal was over it was time to explore Fantasyland. Well-timed, too, since the park was closing early for Grad Nite and the crowds in this particular area were thinning out. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations for Fantasyland since some of my favorite things in Disneyland — the Matterhorn, Alice in Wonderland ride, Storybookland Canal Boats, even the Snow White grotto — are completely missing in Florida. With its mishmash of old-style medieval carnival and Swiss village architectural styles, WDW’s Fantasyland seems a bit aimless and incomplete. Our first stop was the Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride. It was a cute attraction, somewhat less substantial than the Disneyland version. The same could be said for the Winnie the Pooh ride. At least Disney used the ride to stress that Pooh’s story was adapted from a book, something my mom noticed with approval. We also caught a showing of the Florida-specific 3D film Mickey’s PhilharMagic, an enjoyable if not very substantial experience. With the exception of the Pooh ride (5 minute wait with Fastpasses), everything was a walk-on.

Since we weren’t interested in waiting in line for the insanely popular Peter Pan’s Flight, we walked onto the WDW version of It’s a Small World and made it our last stop of the day. After the initial disappointment of finding an indoor queue, we got on and found the ride the same reassuringly cheerful experience we always loved at Disneyland. Despite many tinkerings over the years, the ride still hews to Mary Blair’s original designs and the timeless theme of seeking peace through the world’s children. One improvement of the Disneyland version is the fact that the boats sail through a wide “river” as opposed to the narrow canal at DL. I loved the ride and had plenty of opportunity to take (blurry) photos while our boat got into a logjam in the final two rooms.

Our Small World departure marked the end of Fantasyland and the conclusion of our Magic Kingdom day. I’d say that this was the most fulfilling day of the three, since we achieved everything we wanted to do at a leisurely pace. The only major rides we skipped were Peter Pan and Space Mountain (which all three of us didn’t have much interest in). And all of this was completed before 6:30 p.m., too! Since the evening was still early, I was telling my parents that we should take a bus to nearby Blizzard Beach to play a round of miniature golf. They didn’t seem too hot on going, however, and by that time I was getting a bit peaked — so we went back to the hotel. At least that (and the part of World Showcase that I missed) will give me something to look forward to for a far-off “next time.” All in all, it was a once in a lifetime trip that I’ll never forget!

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