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My Muxtape Is Chullin’

I have been so busy lately, getting some extra work in before taking the dream trip next week — but I did have time to do a little fun thing last night. I went to and set up a little playlist at (thanks to Jonny). This playlist is the result of an early ’90s female R&B fixation I was on earlier this week, and it’ll keep me briefly hopping for the inevitable more work later on. It’s phat, it’s da bomb, Bill Bellamy digs, peace out.

2 Thoughts on “My Muxtape Is Chullin’

  1. You’re going to Disney World next week? I’m so jealous. This is your first time correct? The BF and I are planning our next trip for January.
    Thanks for the Jade song “Don’t Walk Away”. That was one of my middle school jams.

  2. Yeah, it’s my first time! Just me and my parents. We’re doing a day each at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

    I was out of college and working by the time “Don’t Walk Away” hit — jeez, Andrew, you make me feel old!

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