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Hulu Party

Hulu logoIt always happens — instead of doing something productive, I waste away the day on something silly. In today’s case, I visited Fox and NBC-Universal’s to find out if it lives up to the hype. Although I didn’t look into the movies (something about sitting on the computer for two solid hours makes my butt hurt), they do have a decent selection of old and new TV shows. The shows are presented with a nicely designed, iTunes-like interface, unedited and with a few brief sponsored ads where the commercial breaks should go. Image quality was pretty good but it ran jerkily (maybe that’s due to my weak web browser). I watched Bewitched‘s second season Halloween episode, with a little girl who looked awfully familiar until the credits revealed she was a pre-Brady Bunch Maureen McCormick. How fun. When they add some more cool older shows, I will have to waste yet another day there.

2 Thoughts on “Hulu Party

  1. Tim Halbur on March 19, 2008 at 10:52 pm said:

    Yeah, I’ve been a convert to Hulu since their beta. I don’t have cable, so it’s great for a timely TV fix. I watched all of Kitchen Nightmares first season, some Simpsons episodes, and I’m watching The Riches now. My only complaint is when they say they have a series and they’ve only got clips. Who wants to watch clips of TV shows?

  2. Yeah, the clips are annoying. But at least they have a little TV icon next to the titles that have full shows.

    I also wish in the future they’ll have full runs and not just the first and second seasons of some shows.

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