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A Dopey Illustrator

Most high school kids struggle with trying to decide what kind of career they’ll have, but for me the decision was a no-brainer. The idea that someone could make a living at illustration took a strong hold of me as a teenager in the mid-’80s — I would page through various magazines and take note of names like Dave Calver, Anthony Russo, Brian Cronin and Brad Holland. Something about the irresistible allure of being creative while in the service of communicating ideas (all the while getting your work published in millions of magazines) made me think “I wanna do that.”

Twenty years on, I’d have to say that unfortunately I don’t consider myself a true illustrator like the men mentioned above. Nearly all of my work as a freelancer is in graphic design — and as an illustrator I honestly believe my work is merely a notch above adequate. But I’m hoping to change that! I just opened a page which focuses exclusively on illustration. In assembling it, I’ve found a few nice works from the past that I almost forgot about. Like the one below — a Winter vacation piece made when I worked for The Arizona Republic:

Winter Escape Illustration by Matt Hinrichs

Here’s hoping the page gets a few nibbles from potential clients.

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