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Wednesday Photo Spectacular!

It’s becoming apparent that this weblog has been suffering a bit of neglect lately, but hopefully I can put a Band Aid (similar to the one I got today for a tetanus shot) on that with these marvy photo-based links:

  • Most Important: Newsweek’s slide show Losing Our Lakes demonstrates how global warming is contributing to lowering water levels all over the world. Sobering but well worth a look.
  • Most Inspiring: Derrick Bostrom’s set of scans from an early ’60s book predicting what life in 1975 might be like. Apparently the future involved lots of industrial squared-off edges and gadgets we never thought we needed before. Bacon in a toaster? Hell yeah!
  • Most Nostalgia-Inducing: Glen Mullaly’s series of posts on the movie and TV tie-in t-shirts he wore as a child hit me like a tall glass of Strawberry Quik. Read part one, part two and part three for a journey into iron-on nirvana. I can remember having a black Darth Vader tee in the fifth grade, with my name spelled out in blood red all-caps Cooper Black on the back. It was the coolest.
  • Most Magical: I stumbled across this fascinating flickr photo set of early Walt Disney World snapshots and memorabilia last weekend. In planning my own WDW trip this spring, it’s kind of hitting me that I’d much, much rather vacation at the Magic Kingdom/Epcot as it existed sometime around 1983 (sigh).

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