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New Mix: The Mr. Blackwell Show

Nowadays he might be dimly known for his bitchy “Worst Dressed” lists, but back in the ’60s Richard Blackwell had his own fashion line for plus-sized women and society matrons desiring a Beverly Hills sophisticated-yet-casual look. The gowns (and, yes, it was mostly gowns) he created had this luxe “swanky chic” thing going on — something I wanted to recreate using soundtrack cuts and soft pop music of the era. It’s in the same spirit as my holiday mix that I decided to share it with Scrubbles readers right here, in a downloadable continuous mix.

So, what was I going for on this one? It’s the sound of a modish soirée in a Technicolor Blake Edwards confection. Or of a woman in a Pucci print caftan curling up with a Jacqueline Susann novel. It’s “The Ladies Who Lunch” on a Mediterranean cruise. Luxurious, somewhat cheesy, but oh so elegant. If I could pick one track that epitomizes that feeling, it would be Henry Mancini’s lovely “Party Poop” from the soundtrack for the Peter Sellers comedy The Party. Enjoy.

The Mr. Blackwell Collection - Front

The Mr. Blackwell Collection - Back

11 Thoughts on “New Mix: The Mr. Blackwell Show

  1. Hey Mr. Matt… THANK YOU for sharing this with the world–and me! hehehehe

    One question: after I downloaded and unzipped the file, I noticed that there are only 2 files in the zip, the .pdf art file and a single .mp3 file that is well over an hour long (1:15?) Was this your intention? Or should there be 24 .mp3 files zipped in there?

    (or just, Dan)

  2. Hey Dan! That was my intention. It’s a continuous mix where the songs blend together into one long file. I’m doing it that way to avoid the legality issue, since it’s up there permanently.
    At any rate, I’ll send ya a CD with the songs separated.

  3. OMG… I didn’t think of the legalities involved with posting a mix the way you are! Oops. Well, cool enough.

    Thanks for sending a disc out to me. I always love your mixes! Anything you would like in friendly exchange? Take a chance–I just might have it in my collection! LOL

  4. Hey Matt… I constantly get asked to just hand over a folder full of songs to people rather than compile a lengthy single show.
    Do you think that creating one large file of music from many different sources is a way of avoiding legality issues when file sharing? I’ve often wondered about this… I know internet radio shows are charged thousands and thousands of dollars a year for the use of popular music. BUT… I don’t use advertising and I make no money from what I do on my site.

    I’m downloading your new mix right now… the cover is great!

  5. Dan, you don’t need to trade anything back. Just enjoy it and let me know if there are particular songs you especially dug!

    Andrew, I’d say probably not with your question. Most of the stuff on this mix is out of print and I’m not wishing to profit off them – so who knows what’s legal and what isn’t? On an egotistical note, I like keeping it this way to keep the songs flowing the way they were intended. I put a lot of thought into the order in which they play. (strangely, your comment arrived just as I was listening to your Dolly Parton 1980-84 show)

  6. This looks like one fantastic mix, well-dressed man. And once again the cover art is worthy of a ten best list. Would it be too much trouble to send this 56K modem man a copy? I too would happily send you something in return:)

  7. Sure, Ion – I was going to do that anyway!

  8. what a cool mix! glad to see south american getaway on their as it’s one of my favourite bacharach songs.

  9. Susan on March 12, 2008 at 1:00 pm said:

    Thanks so much for sharing the mix and the fabulous cover art (it reminds me of paper cut-out dolls from my youth)! I’m enjoying the music during my work commutes, and at home whilst lounging. Little did I know that there was a German version of “Mas Que Nada” (“Blauer Montag”). You should check-out Dorothy Ashby’s 1968 album “Afro-Harping” for more groovy sounds in the same vein (in case you don’t already have it).

  10. Thanks, Susan, I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

    I heard that Dorothy Ashby LP years ago but don’t remember much about it!

  11. Les Dale on August 29, 2008 at 6:39 pm said:

    Mr Blackwell also made an album in the 60s which I have just acquired…excellent! Many thanks for this…it is also excellent!

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