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Freshness & Quality

Talk about ephemera from the past… a recent eBay purchase arrived stored in this ancient looking plastic bag:

Vintage Grocery Bag

The cent sign and area for a handwritten price tells me it’s not recent, and based on the groovy flowers and lower case “fresh” lettering I’d say it’s from the ’70s. I vaguely remember bags like this (possibly the very same style, even?) during childhood trips to the grocery store. In the produce section, customers had to take their bagged fruits and veggies to an employee who’d weigh and price them before sending you on your merry way. Something about it makes me think about how ephemeral a lot of the stuff we take for granted is. This bag was just a common piece of everyday life back then, but now it seems more like a museum piece. I wonder if your average smiley faced Wal-Mart bag would have the same effect in thirty years?

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