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Electile Disfunction

Jeff of Tin Man fame shares his thoughts on voting in the N.Y. Democratic presidential primary. Like Jeff, it’s also my first time voting in my state’s primary and I’m taking it very seriously. The ballot arrived in the mail this week and now it’s time to do some serious homework on the candidates (For some reason — Republican conspiracy? — I never received a ballot in 2004). Unfortunately I don’t feel like I have enough info on everyone just yet to confidently cast a vote. The news media is covering this stuff like the Belmont Stakes: who’s winning? Who fell behind? Just tell me where they stand on the issues, dammit! I think both Clinton and Obama would make fine nominees, but Hilary has a lot of past baggage to overcome and Barack still comes off like a cipher to me (probably because I’ve only seen him giving speeches in that passionate yet “preaching to the choir” manner). I also want to investigate John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich further. Yes, it’s a lot of hemming and hawing over a single vote, but (Pollyanna mode) I like to believe that my vote represents more people here in Arizona who can’t or won’t be voting. Just keep in mind that whoever it is will be infinitely better than what we currently have. January 2009 cannot come soon enough!

2 Thoughts on “Electile Disfunction

  1. Tim Halbur on January 20, 2008 at 1:28 pm said:

    Hey Matt- I’d like to put in a plug for you to vote Obama. I’m a huge supporter, and I also have been a little disappointed in his recent speeches. He’s clearly being told to be more general and uplifting in them in order to attract a wider audience.

    I used to listen to a weekly podcast he produced, oh, probably a year ago, and I was blown away. The reason he comes across as a cypher in speeches sometimes is that he’s a very authentic, well-measured intellectual. He’s really quite brilliant, and I found he was always good at hearing all sides of an issue, showing understanding, then bringing everyone together over what is clearly the right answer. Watch him in a one-on-one interview- that’s the real guy.

    Check him out on Jon Stewart, and get past his star-like entry:

    I could go on and on, I’ve never been so excited about a candidate. If you want more, let me know.

  2. Thanks, Tim! I’m giving serious consideration to Obama. Having a sense of intellectual curiosity is one of the main qualities I would want in a president.

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