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Tennis Injury

Today I invited my parents over to the house for lunch and to give the Wii a try. We played a few games of Wii Sports Bowling and they, of course, had a blast. Before leaving, my mom — an avid tennis buff — wanted to give tennis a spin. We were playing a game of doubles when she tried to do a far-reaching racquet swing, lost her footing, and took a tumble right there in my living room. Shocked and in distress, me and Dad went to her aid. She hit her head on the TV stand and had a big cut in her upper lip. After we applied a wet towel, my dad took her to the emergency room. I felt so guilty! Later that afternoon I called her up to find her in better spirits. She ended up getting seven stitches in her lip (the doctor said it was his first-ever Wii related injury), but even worse is that one of her front teeth fell out and the other one is loose. Now they have to wait until Monday to see a dentist. I was worried and super-apologetic to Mom, but she took it in stride.

Actually, this incident may have shook me up more than them. My parents are in their 60s, retired but still young enough to fully enjoy life. They’ve always been very loving and supportive of me and Christopher, which really compounded my broken heart at seeing her fall today. Needless to say, I don’t think it will deter them from further Wii playing since they like their fun. They love gaming and travel and routinely go to Vegas for Casino hopping. This year, they plan to go to Washington D.C. for the AARP conference along with a stay in Colonial Williamsburg. And in April they’re taking me to Walt Disney World to fulfill a dream I’ve had for decades to see that park. They’re gonna want to try out every ride with me, but that’s still a few months away. For now I’m delivering all my best wishes to Mom for a speedy recovery.

4 Thoughts on “Tennis Injury

  1. LardyRevenger on January 5, 2008 at 2:36 pm said:

    That’s terrible! I hope your mom’s ok! I accidentally got one of my older co-workers hurt one day (I was teaching her how to do a “clothes-line” wrestling manuerver, which isn’t how she got hurt, is was when we finished and she turned to leave and totally tripped over a plant onto the hard wood floor! I felt so bad! It’s weird to think when you get older how a simple thing like falling is a big deal. I fall over every other day and it’s no thing. But time changes us. NOW Scrubblito! I demand pics for DisneyWorld! I’m imagining you in an over-sized stroller wearing kids clothes being pushed around by your parents who are straining heavily, but putting forth their best effort to make thier babyu happy. : )

  2. “me and Dad went to her aid.”

    Me and Dad?! ME and Dad?!!

    When your mom reads this, she’ll pull your tongue out.

  3. My mom’s a teacher, so yeah, she would freak out. Run-on sentence alert!

    Lardy, that’s a compelling idea …

  4. Matt, OMG… I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s fall! I have to say though, I think it’s great that your mom and dad were even INTERESTED in trying the Wii. I can’t think my mom (who was never much into sports aside from playing tennis on occasion with my dad waaaaaay back in the early ’70s) would even look in the direction of a Wii–even if we had one and were putting the controller into her hand.

    Speedy recovery to mom, you parental abuser! (haha! just joking!)

    PS – Congrats on the upcoming trip to WDW! One day, I want to return there and bring Dennis with me to finally see that park!

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