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Monthly Archives: December 2007

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Disc-O Faves

Of all the year-end best-of lists that proliferate this time of year, DVD Savant’s Favored Disc Roundup is among the ones I look forward to the most. It gave me a lot of good ideas for stuff to add to the Netflix queue.

On trend especially I’ve noticed this year is that the prices for full season TV-on-DVD sets are really going down. You have to know where to look, however. In the same week I found a Simpsons Season 8 set at Borders for $50, for example, I was able to nab one at Amazon for $18. This has come in handy during Christmastime, so my Mom will be getting the first season of a sentimental favorite under the tree — at a decent price, no less.

I Love Junk!

I came across My So Called Strife through a random Google search and it became a regular read, mainly because the guy who runs it has a great eye for kitsch and finds the coolest things at thrift stores ‘n stuff. Check out his recent used booksale finds and eclectic miscellany. Next time I’m thrifting — finding nothing but shelves of mismatched Tupperware knockoff containers and broken angel figurines — I will think of these two posts and say to myself “yes, there’s hope!”

A Merry Mix

Joyful tidings — the Holidays 2007 Collection is ready for your enjoyment! To be honest, I’m not too big on Christmas music. I hate all those songs that you hear every year redone over and over again. No matter who does it, “The Little Drummer Boy” is a big bore and if I have to hear “Feliz Navidad” once more I’ll upchuck my tamalés. That said, the few holiday tunes I do enjoy are ones that are unabashedly corny (“Little Christmas Tree”) or mod ’60s (“Close Your Mouth”) or evocative of the season without being too Christmassy (“Skating”) or sad (“What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas”) or possessing a vague feeling of sadness even though the lyrics are happy (“Christmas Day”). They might not be as widely played as the others, but they sure are wonderful.

Some disclaimers: about a third of these tracks came courtesy of my friend Joy‘s annual holiday mixes, and sorry to be a Scrooge but it is a continuous mix with only one hour-long track. Put it on while trimming the tree and have a Merry Christmas!

Illustration by Matt Hinrichs

Illustration by Matt Hinrichs


Images from Henri’s Walk to Paris, a rare children’s book designed by the legendary Saul Bass. Via Drawn of course. Because we like to indulge our loves of cats and über-cool movie credits in the same stroke, I also present the Bass-designed opening sequence from Walk on the Wild Side:

Putting the ‘Ho’ in Ho, Ho, Ho

Things I worked on this week:

  • Searched in vain for healthy foodie gifts for my clients, only to settle on overpriced cookies.
  • Spent two hours at Borders looking for gift ideas and wound up buying a single cookbook from the bargain shelves. Most of my relatives are not “book” people, unfortunately.
  • Put in a printing order for holiday cards, canceled it, then found out the website I was using had my outdated ten year-old email address on their files.
  • Tried to figure out what a ten month-old baby would want for Christmas — and would he even care?
  • Assembled a first-ever holiday mix! Unlike the above, this was a pleasure. This hour-long continuous mix of music with accent on original and kitschy stuff will hopefully be completed this weekend. Listen to Discover A World Of Sound’s Do You Hear What I Hear to get an idea (my mix overlaps a couple of tunes with Andrew’s).

Good ‘Ol Charlotte Braun

I came across the funniest thing this morning: a letter written by Charles M. Schulz to a Peanuts fan concerning Charlotte Braun. Miss Braun was a character who only appeared in a few mid-’50s strips — and her main shtick of having a loud, annoying voice ensured that she would never join Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy in the canon of beloved Peanuts characters. In his letter, Schulz drew a rendering of Charlotte with an axe in her head. I didn’t know the guy had such a wicked sense of humor.

I have to catch the interview with Schulz’s son Monte, Lee Mendelson and Mark Evanier at Shokus Internet Radio … it’s being repeated tomorrow in case you missed it!