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It’s All About Me

Because I’m a total narcissist at heart, I love to troll the web to find out when and for what reason people might be reading Two such occurrences happened this month that deserve mentioning here. First off is Julie Jackson’s interview with Indie Fixx, in which she sweetly mentioned this very weblog as one of her favorite reads. Julie’s an awesome crafter with a wicked wit as seen in her latest brainstorm, Kitty Wigs (not to mention being a great friend of mine). Thanks, Julie! Our other sighting come through the courtesy of Brad Graham, whose wry musings on The BradLands have been a steady favorite of mine for (gulp) seven and a half years now. Brad listed scrubbles on his Favorite Things on the Web 2007 list — which to me is infinitely cooler than being on Oprah’s list between a DVD-equipped refrigerator and a CD by Josh Groban (a singer that only sexually repressed middle aged ladies could love). Thanks, Brad!

2 Thoughts on “It’s All About Me

  1. You’re welcome, kiddo.

    Hey, you know what’s even better than Turkey Lurkey Time? Watching that number (or just about anything) with commentary by Seth Rudetsky.


  2. Yeah, that guy is hilarious!

    We’ve watched that one, the Tony awards performance, the scene from the movie Camp, the three drag queen version, and the horrible rendition done by University of Michigan theatre students. And yes, that song is now tattooed on my brain.

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