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The Exciting Home of 1999, Today!

Strange and neat — 1999 A.D. is a 1967 industrial film projecting what family life in the future might be like. A fascinating, low budget version of the future that includes Wink Martindale, that is. I wish I could see the entire film, but right now we’ll have to make do with the three clips outlined below. Thanks to EPCOT Central for linking to the shopping segment.

  • The introduction, in which a woman sadly informs her son that she’s 42 years old. Then she writes the film’s title in sand with ominous music playing on the soundtrack.
  • In the second segment, shopping from home is as easy as selecting products displayed on a machine that suspiciously resembles the filmstrip viewers I used in the elementary school a.v. room circa 1979. In a nod to ’60s gender roles, the wife does the shopping while the husband (Martindale) monitors the household budget.
  • The third segment delves into the kitchen of the future. As usual meal selection and preparation is the wife’s job — but, hey, at least it’s all computerized!

2 Thoughts on “The Exciting Home of 1999, Today!

  1. A shop-at-home video console? That’s basically Ebay. Great video clips.

    By the way Matt… I played your Christmas Mix for my cookie party this past weekend and everyone went nuts for it. It fit in well with cookie baking and eating.

  2. That must have been a cool cookie party, Andrew! Thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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