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Putting the ‘Ho’ in Ho, Ho, Ho

Things I worked on this week:

  • Searched in vain for healthy foodie gifts for my clients, only to settle on overpriced cookies.
  • Spent two hours at Borders looking for gift ideas and wound up buying a single cookbook from the bargain shelves. Most of my relatives are not “book” people, unfortunately.
  • Put in a printing order for holiday cards, canceled it, then found out the website I was using had my outdated ten year-old email address on their files.
  • Tried to figure out what a ten month-old baby would want for Christmas — and would he even care?
  • Assembled a first-ever holiday mix! Unlike the above, this was a pleasure. This hour-long continuous mix of music with accent on original and kitschy stuff will hopefully be completed this weekend. Listen to Discover A World Of Sound’s Do You Hear What I Hear to get an idea (my mix overlaps a couple of tunes with Andrew’s).

2 Thoughts on “Putting the ‘Ho’ in Ho, Ho, Ho

  1. Well now I’m excited! I haven’t received a Christmas mix from anyone this year. Is the tradition dead? You and I are here to keep it alive! I’m really curious where we’re overlapping.

    I still remember you correcting me a few years ago when I listed Eurythmic’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ as a solo release by Annie Lennox. My research skills were pretty dull at the time.

    Hope further Christmas shopping goes a little smoother… wish me luck on mine.

  2. LardyRevenger on December 12, 2007 at 6:22 pm said:

    Put me down for a mix you big flapper! Not since my days in highschool when I was going out with that chubby chick who made INCREDIBLE mixes (smiths, cure, depeche mode, dead kennedys, etc) have I been this excited about a mixtape! Er…CD…

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