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Good ‘Ol Charlotte Braun

I came across the funniest thing this morning: a letter written by Charles M. Schulz to a Peanuts fan concerning Charlotte Braun. Miss Braun was a character who only appeared in a few mid-’50s strips — and her main shtick of having a loud, annoying voice ensured that she would never join Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy in the canon of beloved Peanuts characters. In his letter, Schulz drew a rendering of Charlotte with an axe in her head. I didn’t know the guy had such a wicked sense of humor.

I have to catch the interview with Schulz’s son Monte, Lee Mendelson and Mark Evanier at Shokus Internet Radio … it’s being repeated tomorrow in case you missed it!

One Thought on “Good ‘Ol Charlotte Braun

  1. Amazing. I like how the Wikipedia page says that Lucy and Charlotte never appeared together, which affirms my belief that Lucy truly is the anti-Charlie Brown. Charlotte even steals the award for most obscure Peanuts character from 555 95472.

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