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Cuteness In Bulk

I’m awashed in a lot of things right now. Awash in work, awash in computer problems, but mostly awash in cute. To give you an example — recently I asked Christopher what kind of gift he desired for our anniversary. He replied that he wished for a drawing featuring (and I quote) “a bunny and a duckie.” So I came up with this little watercolor:

Illustration by Matt Hinrichs

Cute, eh? The cuteness didn’t end there, however, since a few days later the rockin’ Julie sent me a link to this All American Glamour Kitty Contest photo set. The hilarious photos and recollections of a girl entering her beloved puss in a whirlwind early ’70s kitty litter-sponsored beauty competition has loads of cuteness. But it’s a melancholy sort of cuteness tempered with Playboy bunnies, hideous fashions, and one terrified shorthair.

Oh, and there’s also the Japanese-inspired Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots to ooh over, thanks to loyal scrubbles reader Jan. So cute you could just spit!

One Thought on “Cuteness In Bulk

  1. The Glamout Kitty set is the greatest thing ever.

    Made even better by my own recent visit to Miami Beach:

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