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The Search Is Over

What’s your opinion on videogames and patience? The culmination of months of saving has finally happened — I’m getting a Nintendo Wii! It’s mind boggling that, 11 months later, those things are still hard to come by (unless you’re willing to pay $100 more on eBay, which I’m not). Not a fan of camping out in front of stores, I used the Wii Tracker to find something online. It took several days of reloads and several failed attempts, but on Friday morning a small window opened where Circuit City had a bundled package available. It included a Wii console, remote, nunchuck controller and a choice of game. I furiously completed my order before it closed 10 minutes later — success! The package should be shipping early next week.

The bundled games Circuit City had to pick from were WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Madden NFL 07, Mario Party 8, some soccer game and a Pokémon game. I picked WarioWare since it looked like the most fun, easy to learn and best reviewed. What kind of (Wii or not) games do you like? Out of the ones available, I could think of only a few I’d want to own — The Simpsons Game and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy both look really cool. I think I’d want to check out Ninjabread Man because it has the greatest name and concept ever. Suggestions, anyone?

6 Thoughts on “The Search Is Over

  1. I always call this time of the year my ‘video game season’. Right before the holidays, all the great new video games are released. I’m really really excited about The Simpsons.
    I haven’t played the newest Metroid but the two games for the GameCube were a lot of fun. They are also the only two games I had to stop playing mid-way because they were too hard.
    WarioWare is great. You’ll love the gameplay. It really makes good use of the wiimotes controls.
    I’m an addict for all of the Zelda games. If you can, get a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess. You’ll be hooked for months!
    I’m kinda curious what you’d think about Resident Evil 4.

  2. I picked up WarioWare recently without really knowing anything about it, and I have to say that those first twenty minutes were the most fun and hilarious I’ve ever had playing a videogame.

  3. Great. Even gameophobic Christopher might enjoy Warioware.
    I’d like to check out Zelda Twilight Princess, too. Thanks Andrew!

  4. Thirding the vote for WarioWare here–you will love it and its ridiculous humor (the sections where it teaches you each move are priceless).

    Tim and I still play Wii Sports–the bowling, tennis, and golf, specifically–more than any of our other games combined. Get an extra Wiimote for Christopher!

  5. with wario ware: smooth moves, you made a wise choice. i can think of no better video game whose sheer randomness matches the all-over pop-culture tone of your blog. i, as a lifelong nintendo fan, can personally vouch for its greatness.

    go diamond city.

  6. my favourite still seems to be the wii sports games. i’m sort of stuck in the middle of zelda, and even the cheat sites seem to be confusing me as to how to solve where i’m stuck. i’d pass on harry potter. i found it rather boring(still haven’t finished it) and hard to read. i’ve heard good things about mario paper.

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