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Sweet Chewy Nostalgia

Halloween candy flashback time! The temporarily renamed Neato Ghoulsville writes about Wrapples, the 1970s product for lazy people who crave a quick and easy caramel apple. I remember Wrapples really well — my father was a salesman for Kraft Foods back then, so we had a lot of them around the house. I used to wrap them cold around an apple, or better yet just eat them rolled up. I also liked to devour the single chocolate caramel Kraft used to insert in their bags of individually wrapped caramels. I wonder why they did that?

3 Thoughts on “Sweet Chewy Nostalgia

  1. yum. i’d forgotten all about wrapples!

  2. My mom never told me when she bought Wrapples, because I would eat them straight off the wrapper and they’d never even get near an apple.

    I also wasn’t allowed near cake or brownie batter.

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