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Two VERY Lovely Girls

Holy pork chops and applesauce! Apparently there was a scorching internet rumor going around last week that, in her forthcoming memoir, Maureen McCormick revealed that she had a brief lesbian tryst with her Brady Bunch co-star Eve Plumb during the show’s production. The story (of a lovely lady) was picked up by such esteemed outlets as The National Enquirer and The New York Post before getting shot down as false by McCormick’s publisher. The jury’s still out on whether Robert Reed and Barry Williams had a torrid affair going.

On a completely different note, I’ve added a little sidebar to this weblog’s front page that allows you to play select songs from my profile page. And before you say “what does that have to do with The Brady Bunch?”, the playlist does include the Bradys singing their hearts out on “Parallel Lines” (a gem from their vinyl swan song, Phonographic Record).

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