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Revisiting Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon A TimeLooks like our pal Ward Jenkins has done it again with a lengthy examination on the forgotten 1983 animated feature Twice Upon a Time in which he interviews animation expert and Twice superfan Taylor Jenssen. Like Ward, I first came across this movie long ago on VHS after reading something about it somewhere (Premiere magazine perhaps?). I also remember being impressed by the film’s uniquely animated paper cutout visuals, but the fact that I don’t recall one iota of the storyline or characters probably explains why it’s never ingrained itself in the hearts of animation fans. The film played like a cross between a slicker version of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python segments and an overly arty children’s book come to life. In other words, dazzling to look at but a bit vacant. Despite its shortcomings, I wish that Warner Bros. could give Twice a new life on DVD — but after reading Jenssen’s interview I’m not holding my breath. Maybe, in a better world, it could be loaned out to Criterion for a beautifully produced DVD with commentaries and deleted scenes? Just having a little “pie in the sky” moment there.

Now I want Ward to do a post on The Mouse and His Child, another semi-forgotten animated effort from my past. Check it out on YouTube.

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