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So Close, Yet So Far

Princess Molecule

Princess Molecule,
originally uploaded by agitprop.

Okay, I’m in a bit of a tizzy since I narrowly missed getting a Tim Biskup “Princess Molecule” signed print like the one seen here. One was listed on eBay, but the auction went through without any bids. So I asked the seller if he could list it again, and he agreed. I immediately placed my bid, excited about my maiden voyage into the world of limited edition signed artists’ serigraphs. Then some jerk outbid me a few seconds before the auction closed.

Another thing I narrowly missed out on getting: the still rare-as-hen’s-teeth Nintendo Wii. briefly listed a few for sale last week. I placed one in my shopping cart, but then several factors (vacation coming up, finances still not the greatest) prevented me from completing the transaction. Times like these make me feel so poor, but I’m being sensible and holding out hope that maybe someone will get me one for my birthday (Oct. 8) or Christmas. Only a few more months!

One Thought on “So Close, Yet So Far

  1. that sucks about missing out on the tim biskup piece! is wii still so hard to find? both my sister and brother have consoles so i thought they’d become easier to get a hold of in the states. we’ve had ours for quite awhile and so far i’m finding the sports games to be the better ones.

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