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Monthly Archives: August 2007

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They’re Special. They’re Exactly Like Me!

The Washington Post on the long, complicated history of the Celebrity Profile (via ArtsJournal). Reading this made me think back on my time in the magazine world, and how depressingly samey everything is made out to be. Whether the subject is celebrities or cats or the hottest tractors, every magazine has to have the requisite puff piece where the writer tries hard to convey how approachable and likeable a famous somebody is (and, given the lack of access said writer has, it winds up being more about the author’s fleeting impressions of said celeb). Sure, the definition of “celebrity” may have widened in recent years, and trend savvy editors are trying to make profiles more “meta” and insidery — but in the end, nothing much has changed.

Bald Guy vs. Fat Guy

Very cool — digitized film reviews from Siskel & Ebert going back to 1987 are now viewable at Although it would be fun to revisit what they thought of the good movies, of course I had to immediately check out the worst ones. The first film I looked up, the 1996 crapfest Space Jam, oddly enough had both Gene and Roger in an ecstatic thrall of Michael Jordan worship. Which had me speechless — c’mon, that was an awful, awful movie. Next, I looked up the forgotten Tony Danza comedy She’s Out of Control. Re-viewing their discussion on what a depressing, soul-sucking time they both had was priceless (unfortunately, the site had nothing on Mannequin or Mannequin 2: On the Move). Roger Ebert’s column on the old clips has a few nice reminiscences on his years with Siskel. Can’t wait to look up their reactions to those worthless Friday the 13th sequels.