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The Geek Squads

Watching the last two weeks of VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture, I’ve come to the realization that I wouldn’t make the cut on that show. Too many recent brain-stumpers. I hate to sound fuddy duddyish, but pop culture from the last 5-6 years is a bit of a blur. Identifying memorable, misogynistic song lyrics of 2006 would stump me (as it did the two guys faced with that category, natch). The show’s producers also seem to favor questions relating to recent dumb comedies such as Zoolander. On the other hand, I would definitely rock the Brady Bunch questions, and surprisingly I could rattle off most of the Melrose Place cast despite never having seen an episode. I’ll be tuning in to Friday’s finale, hoping the snotty trust fund babies of Twisted Misters do not win.

L.A. Weekly coverOther goodness this week — the L.A. Weekly has a nice, long profile of Matt Groening. For some reason reading this brought to mind the first couple of Simpsons seasons, when Groening’s quirky touch was a lot more evident in the character designs. Check out those earlier episodes and occasionally you’ll find a weird looking, Groening-esque dude hanging out in the background (like the beady-eyed black kid in Bart’s class). I miss those days before the show’s look got more streamlined. Anyway, good article. Didn’t know that Groening recently renamed his long-running Life In Hell strip Life Is Swell.

Also, Simon Owens of Bloggasm alerted me to his article on Harriet Klausner, The Publishing Industry’s Secret Weapon — and it’s a worthwhile read on everyone’s favorite nongrammatical speed-reading shill. Mostly I liked hearing that some publishers find Ms. Klausner’s “reviews” neither good nor bad for their business, which is better than totally endorsing her.

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