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Fun with a Porpoise

The excellent points to a beautiful mosaic Totoro rendered in dishes of paint from Japan. My mosaic is coming along well. The beads have all been painted/stained and now I’m nailing each one in the board. Though the completed bottom six rows look slightly uneven, that and the silver nailheads give it a nice, rustic look perfectly in keeping with the subject matter.

I really, really want to hop on this vintage Ride “Porpy” 10¢ machine:


2 Thoughts on “Fun with a Porpoise

  1. Hey Matt… I just noticed that ‘porpy’ is being sold by a store here in San Francisco called Sultana. They have an amazing showroom cluttered with the coolest larger-than-life furniture I have ever seen. They sell desks and shelving systems I would kill for. I can’t afford anything in the store but I visit frequently just to dream.

  2. Neat that you got to see Porpy in person! Christopher thinks he came from Playland At The Beach.

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