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Monthly Archives: June 2007

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Cleanup on Aisle Five

These circa 1970 photos of Hy-Lo Drug Store shelf displays (part of Paula Wirth’s Vintage Drug Stores flickr group) have an eerie stillness to them which I love. They remind me of the scene in The Long Goodbye where Elliott Gould visits an all-night grocery store and you see all these wonderfully pristine 1970s food packages on the shelves. I can’t possibly be the only one who gets off on stuff like this, right?

Drug Store 1970

Headaches by the Number

Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 writes of his chronic headaches in The New York Times Magazine. Funny!

Getting Gay with Kids Is Here

Another embedded video to share because I’m too lazy to write anything substantial, I know, but this one’s a real kitschy gem. Back in 1986, NBC celebrated its 60th anniversary with an all-star special which somehow escaped my notice back then. The clip below showcases Nell Carter, Bea Arthur and others (Punky Brewster!) singing “Family” from Dreamgirls. Now, read that last sentence again and tell me how terrifically gay that sounds. Then watch the clip and mourn a little that today’s TV networks would never in a million years do these glorious displays of outright earnestness. “We are a family, like a giant tree.” Yeah, right, until your series gets cancelled, bucko.

A Future That Never Was

Did you know that today marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Monsanto’s House of the Future at Disneyland? My s.o. commemorated the occasion with a thoughtful Just Ask Christopher post. Guess the folks at Disney were too busy manning the new Finding Nemo submarines to notice this particular anniversary.

God Hates Reckless Drivers

You gotta love the internet these days, when you can read about something in a book and then turn around and check it out online. The book: Amid Amidi’s Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation. The film: Stop Driving Us Crazy from 1959. This jazzy short occupies the weird intersection where Christian values overlap with swank-ola ’50s aesthetics. Wild, man, wild.

Charles Harper 1922-2007

Yesterday, scrubbles reader Hilary left a comment on my Charles Harper book review that the artist passed away. His hometown paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, has confirmed the news with an obit and editorial cartoon. R.I.P. Charley Harper, and thanks for all the wonderful art you left us.