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Whatever Happened to the Class of ’87?

senior yearThis summer I’m passing another one of ’em signposts of getting older: my high school graduation class is holding its 20 year reunion. I’m not going. High school just wasn’t my thing.

During that period I only attended my classes dutifully, obtained a slightly above average G.P.A., and kept my socializing and extra curricular activities to a bare minimum. I was a member of The Science Club, not nearly as well-attended as the most popular club (Ski Club), but both did basically the same thing (weekend field trips). Mostly my high school was all about football and attending mandatory morning pep rallies all the time. Rah fucking rah. Check the number of football players listed as “notable alumni” on the school’s Wikipedia entry. Another semi-famous attendee was Doug Hopkins, the songwriter from The Gin Blossoms who killed himself in 1993.

Another high school memory — on the first day of seventh grade, I remember making a conscious decision to never eat lunch in the cafeteria. For the next six years I either went home for lunch, ate in the school’s outdoor café, hid out in the library, or walked to a nearby grocery store to hang out and read magazines. It sounds pathetic, but in all honesty I liked being alone — even today.

So we’ll just pass on the reunion and let everyone else talk about their families and their SUVs and their perfect golf swings. I have a Classmates page in case anyone would want to contact me. The photo is from my senior yearbook, taken when my hair was at its longest (is that a mullet?!?).

6 Thoughts on “Whatever Happened to the Class of ’87?

  1. i think you were lucky you had an open campus and lived near the school. my high school was closed campus so i was stuck, plus my house was too far away from home to really walk to during lunch if i’d had the time.

    did your school have a 10 year reunion? if mine did, i never heard about it. they did apparently have a 20 year reunion, which i wasn’t willing to fly home for. plus it all seemed rather expensive. i’d be more interested in an elementary school reunion to be honest.

  2. William, I couldn’t imagine having to stay stuck on campus all day. Yuck.

    Yep, they had a 10th reunion too. Both were/are held at fancy resorts with a high price tag for attending.

  3. HappyBunny on July 2, 2007 at 12:47 am said:

    It most definitely *is* a mullet! :)

    Why isnt your name on the notable alumni page? I’ve never heard of any of the other people listed there.

    You were cute–I would have dated ya! But I am a chick, so maybe not ;)

  4. Ha! Be my Senior Prom date, HappyBunny. I’ll even pick out your dress.

  5. A friend of mine directed me here from your page. Given that we’re the same age, both from Phoenix and share about a million interests in common (mid-century design, vintage Disneyland, music, tons more) I’m stunned that we haven’t somehow met before. (As a kid who watched too much television in the 70s, I presume you still remember the lyrics to the hepatitis song.) Anyway, hello, and I’m really glad to have found your blog.

    I went to my 10-year reunion in ’97 (I graduated from Deer Valley HS across town, which may explain how we missed each other)…I was amazed at how tedious and kind of sad it was. Paunchy, bloated, balding former football stars in golf shirts and desperate, overtanned, recently-divorced former cheerleaders on the make, drunkenly dancing to “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight”. Sigh. Though I suppose they probably had equally unflattering opinions of me, given my entertainingly atypical life choices. I have no plans to go this year but if I’m in town, I may stop by and see if any of my fellow oddballs show up. We had the outsider/geek table at the 10th, but it was pretty sparsely populated.

    Really enjoying catching up on your blog (the 1970ish drug store photo was especially exciting–reminded me of Revco up the street from my childhood house. I want to jump right in…being careful not to disturb anything of course) Glad to meet you. :)

  6. Thanks, M.C. – nice to have you here! Happy to know that others have the same ambivalent feelings about h.s. Good for you for moving on.

    That hepatitis commercial was skeevy! I wonder if it was local to Phoenix or what?
    Wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
    Wash your hands after changing baby too.
    Cause we don’t want to spread hepatitis.
    And we don’t want hepatitis to catch you (who?) you!

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