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Design for Living

Eames homeThe L.A. Times takes an in-depth look at the iconic Pacific Palisades home of Charles and Ray Eames (thanks Christopher!). I used to think the Chemosphere might be my dream home, but the Eames’ place seems a lot more comfortable and homey while still retaining that all important modern chic. It shares a lot in common with the Glidehouse and other currently hot home styles. Of course, if I owned the house, I’d also have to take Ray Eames’ collection of tchotchkes from around the world as well.

One Thought on “Design for Living

  1. this place is drop dead gorgeous. While I love the MK Design Glidehouse (in fact, we have a few in our area), its hard to compare the design to that of Eames.

    Regardless, I would gladly take either!

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