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Pieces of Eighties

You know how things that were normal and harmless 20+ years ago often appear so weird looking today? I got that in spades while browsing through YouTube user dcbatwing‘s collection of local station promos, demo reels and other video effluvia of the past. One such item is this neat demo reel that motion graphics company Atlantic produced in 1986. I vaguely remember some of this stuff, but it’s a mind blower to watch them edited together. One can only conclude that clients in the ’80s absolutely loved their shiny, chrome-y moving surfaces!

WJLA’s “So Good To Turn To” promo from 1982 is a cheezy delight. This particular one came from Washington D.C., but really it could’ve been anywhere. Wasn’t there a time when every local news station desperately tried to convey an image of cutesy family-friendliness? You can’t avoid the relentlessly cheery jingle which sounds as if it came from an ABC sitcom (“Also Starring John Schuck as Cranky Neighbor”).

One Thought on “Pieces of Eighties

  1. That Atlantic reel is pretty cheezy–sometimes in a good way, sometimes in the not-so-good way. I did recognize the WCBS-2 New York news team near the very end: anchors Roland Smith and Michelle Marsh, Frank Field with weather, and Warner Wolf with sports.

    The second clip is very saccharine, but it definitely was what most TV stations were trying to portray about their news team coverage in those days.

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