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Cleanup on Aisle Five

These circa 1970 photos of Hy-Lo Drug Store shelf displays (part of Paula Wirth’s Vintage Drug Stores flickr group) have an eerie stillness to them which I love. They remind me of the scene in The Long Goodbye where Elliott Gould visits an all-night grocery store and you see all these wonderfully pristine 1970s food packages on the shelves. I can’t possibly be the only one who gets off on stuff like this, right?

Drug Store 1970

6 Thoughts on “Cleanup on Aisle Five

  1. No, you aren’t, Matt! I love these glimpses into the past where I see brands that I remember or have seen in commercials of vintage TV shows and soap operas.

    What a fun find for a Sunday!

  2. can’t help but think of Andy Warhol and his Brillo Pad boxes

  3. You get off on some strange stuff, Matt! I do enjoy going to the grand opening of a supermarket (usually because I had to photograph the ribbon cutting). All the shelves look perfect, smooth and untouched (like in the photo) — and I know that they’re never going to look that way again. Clean up in aisle five!

  4. Great stuff! I love the look of the old grocery stores, especially the smaller regional chains that looked more “handmade”. I would love to be able to go back and see the grocery store my Mom shopped at in the early 70’s again. Thanks for the Groceteria link too – that looks fab!

  5. Thanks for mentioning these photos on your blog! I was so excited when I found these. Even funnier, the wind kept trying to blow them away while I was looking at them (at an outside flea market of sorts).

  6. So I was cruising around on google images trying to find a picture of an all night grocery store to compliment a short piece of fiction I wrote that takes place in a spot such as the one described above. You’re totally not the only one who gets off on this kind of stuff. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

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