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Goodbye Charlie

Charles McNulty of the L.A. Times remembers Charles Nelson Reilly, drawing parallels between Reilly and Paul Lynde and going into his considerable theatrical career. As a child, I had an intense liking of Reilly on Match Game and Lynde on Hollywood Squares. Years before I had any inklings on what being gay meant, these two gents impressed on my young mind that it’s okay to be different. And that’s a wonderful legacy to have. R.I.P., C.N.L. (via ArtsJournal)

2 Thoughts on “Goodbye Charlie

  1. Sorry to see Charles gone the world. At least we still have “Match Game.” Game Show Network is doing a “MG” marathon this Saturday, June 2, from 9AM to 7PM. THEN, from 7PM to 8PM, they are running a documentary on “Match Game” (which may be a couple of years old at this point). I know that I’m gonna be firing up MY TiVo!

  2. Reilly did a one-man show about his life; it’s coming out as a film this winter. Hopefully, it’s coming to Madison and Phoenix…

    (plug disclaimer: my brother did the site!)

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