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A maintenance worker tends to Disneyland’s Primeval World exhibit in 1966, part of the UCLA Department of Special Collections searchable index of photos from the Los Angeles Times and Daily News. For old L.A. aficionados, this one’s a must-see. Another site that one could spend hours poring through, great! (first spotted on The Blackwing Diaries)

Disneyland Maintenance Worker

2 Thoughts on “Dino-Maintenance

  1. Matt,

    This is what the internet’s all about…it’s almost as good as rummaging around UCLA’s archive in person.

    The fact that most of the photos presented AREN’T polished (or cropped correctly) makes them very fun to look at.

    The Los Angeles Public Library also has an online photo archive
    which is always worth checking out – look under “photo collection” – a lot of the photos are taken from the old Herald Examiner newspaper.

    Los Angeles Public Library

    I enjoy looking at all the old crime photos (famous and not-so)

    thanks! – KB

  2. P.S. What’s that smell?

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