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Dollops of Sunshine

Here we go again — I found another cool/old record weblog while doing some research. This time I was trying to find info on ’60s singer Julie Budd, one of whose songs was included on a Sunshine Pop mix made by my friend Ion (Yesterday’s Sunshine, excellent and if you email me nicely I might be able to share a copy). It was during this search that this page popped up as part of Waxidermy, a site which reviews old vinyl of every genre as long as it’s sufficiently obscure (and having a weird cover photo apparently helps, too). Occasionally they share mp3s; the two songs by Ms. Budd are nice examples of that rare crossover between Broadway style razzle dazzle and psych-pop.

2 Thoughts on “Dollops of Sunshine

  1. Thanks for the plug! I found that Julie Budd album at the swap meet last year, and knew that it needed a good home. So did your research lead you to where she is now? And yes, Waxidermy is an excellent site. Most of the mp3s are still active, so there’s no excuse not to head over and download a few obscure and wacky songs for your next party mix. Your friends will be think better of you for it.

  2. I’d love a copy of that mix, if you don’t mind.

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