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Jesus in 12″ or Less

Where have I been? In the long and sticky process of finding artwork for every song in my iTunes library. While searching for info on a old, campy LP by preacher John Rydgren, I came across the weblog Heavenly Grooves which presents downloads on all sorts of home grown religious recordings from the ’60s to the early ’80s. I used to come across a lot of intriguing looking albums of this stripe in my thrifting days, but never bought any of them ’cause, well, they’re all about Jesus. At least with this weblog you can try stuff out without the risk of losing 99 cents! I hope they post more white bread vocal group LPs, preferably the ones where the ladies sport mile-high beehives on the cover.

3 Thoughts on “Jesus in 12″ or Less

  1. As a former Jesus Freak, I find this kind of stuff interesting in a nostalgic sense, but in all honesty, the music was pretty godawful (pun intended), and I didn’t care for it even back then!

  2. Thanks for the warning!

    I’d only want something endearingly dorky like the Free Design’s few God-centric tunes, or “Put Your Hand In The Hand” by Ocean. Otherwise it’s too preachy.

  3. Unfortunately, there’s precious little wackiness in Christian music, and a whole lot of earnest preachiness. JFs mostly saw popular music as a vehicle to wrap the gospel message in a format that was more palatable to the masses.

    Oddly enough, a lot of mainstream evangelicals really fought the whole idea of Chistian rock back then, and saw any attempt to put the gospel to a 4/4 beat as inherently sinful. These were probably the same people who thought that rock ‘n roll was “black music”

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