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The Year We Made Contact

This trippy animated segment from PBS’s 3-2-1 Contact really wowed me as a kid. I used to watch these every day after school and (geek alert) draw pictures and write about the topics covered. Even after hours I was a good little student, damnit! Interestingly, the initial batch of sixty five 3-2-1 episodes were repeated from 1980-83 until the funds for a second season could be sufficiently raised. It is these early ones I remember best. Disappointingly, I couldn’t locate an episode of The Bloodhound Gang or its funky theme song on YouTube.

3 Thoughts on “The Year We Made Contact

  1. Wow! I’d been looking for this forever. Thanks for linking it.

  2. i have a vague memory of that show. didn’t it have some funky theme song? do you know who is doing the voiceover? it sounds a bit like that guy from taxi, judd hersch i think his name was.

  3. “Contact is the secret/Is the moment/When everything happens” I don’t know who did the voiceover.

    Jeff, you’d probably enjoy this one too!

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