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Monthly Archives: April 2007

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The $4-A-Day Habit online columnist Mark Morford rants against Starbucks. Despite having a link to Starbucks’ iTunes music store on the front page of this very weblog, I found the piece hilarious and very insightful. Mostly what I can’t figure out about Starbucks is the amount of moms who bring their preteen children there to buy them a morning pick-me-up. I just want to shake those ladies good and slap them across their collective faces — first off, it’s too expensive and secondly, why are you indulging you precious little ones this way? Stupid ass moms.

Brazilian Beauties at Sabadabada

Have you checked out the vintage Brazilian music sharing site lately? I hadn’t been there for a while, but their two newest albums immediately caught my ear. One is from a trio called Os 3 Morais. Don’t be fooled by their stodgy album cover (is that lady Toni Collette, by the way?) — this is cool, cool stuff. The music is more in a jazzy, ’60s-mod vocals vein than you’d expect coming from south of the equator, highlighted by the perfectly dreamy “ba ba ba” voices on the tune “Sambachiana”. Read Jonny Delicado’s review for more.

Their other cool album is the self-titled release from the groovy looking Quinteto Ternura. This 1974 LP resonates with an appealing lite-funk sound combining beautifully blended male and female voices. I’d categorize the group as a Brazilian hybrid of the Fifth Dimension and the Jackson 5. As Trio Ternura, they’d previously recorded the deliriously hyper “Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso”. Don’t know much else about them, but their LP is a treat. And it’s free, baby!

Os 3 MoraisQuinteto Ternura

Spinach Not Included

Well, blow me down. Cartoon Brew announces that the first sixty Max Fleischer produced Popeye cartoons are coming to DVD in July, restored and with lots of bonus features. I’m not as big on the Popeye as with other cartoon stars, but admittedly this looks plenty nifty and the understatedly retro package design is lovely (is that 3-D, or what?).

Lananeeneenoonoo’s Greatest Hit

Watched this one over the weekend and hoped it was on YouTube – and here it is. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders’ hilarious parody of Bananarama came from their 1988 Christmas special. The B-ladies get a savage treatment, but apparently they liked the skit so much that they put French and Saunders (along with actress Kathy Burke) in their “Help” video. Another ’80s-tastic bit from my fave UK comediennes.