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What a Relief It Is

PenguinsWatching the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth makes me wish we had an HD-equipped television. It looks nice enough on a regular 36-inch flat screen, however.

Last weekend, we caught the latest two installments on our tiny 12-inch Sanyo backup television. As usual we were wowed by the gorgeous photography and the unprecedented footage of unusual animals in their habitats. I even like how they’re not shy about showing the reality of nature — namely, that cute lil’ baby animals become afternoon snacks for all sorts of predators. These last few episodes have been especially high on the carnage: a few seals, a couple of penguins, a fluffy gosling (pathetically peeping for mercy, no less), an adorable little miniature bunny, and most spectacularly an elephant falling prey to a pride of lions. It’s uncomfortable to watch, but that’s the nature of nature — leaving it out would make the series nothing more than a bunch of pretty pictures. My only caveats are that Discovery replaced the original BBC narration by Richard David Attenborough with a bland Sigourney Weaver, and the commercial breaks seem too awkwardly shoehorned into the program’s narrative. Better wait for the DVD for a purer viewing experience.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to tell about our television woes. Our Dell flat screen had been showing some weird horizontal lines once the TV was left on for a couple of hours. It would start off subtly, but the longer the television stayed on the more lines would appear, until the top half of the screen would stretch horizontally into a flickery mess. This problem was so bizarre that we couldn’t find any reference to it on the internet. Since the set was out of warranty, Dell wouldn’t help. Or so we thought. We went ahead with pursuing a refund via American Express, and in the process we spoke with Dell again. A simple procedural call turned into Dell offering to replace the TV free of charge (wow!). We got our new set this afternoon and the picture looks lovely. The old set has already been shipped away, and life is good. Back to Planet Earth in large screen. Until this new TV starts crapping out, that is.

2 Thoughts on “What a Relief It Is

  1. Not to brag or anything, but Planet Earth is amazing in HD. Wait, I meant AMAZING. :-)

  2. Konkie on May 5, 2007 at 2:14 am said:

    Why not buy the BBC version from That way you don’t have to wait, and you get the original narration from the remarkable David Attenborough

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